It was never a lie
It was the truth you chose to dismiss

(I’ve been gone away like long before.)

You were never in the position to choose
You were just sitting there letting the decisions be decided

(I live right now.
I know its a time.
This time I wake up.)

One thousand promises broken
One thousand times you regret
One thousand things you let go of
One thousand wounds in your heart

(I know no one knows truth.
It isn’t perfect.
If I go with you,everything is perfect.
So I don’t go this time. I go with you.
If everything is down, I go with my life.)

You know what you have to do
You know how to do it
Your heart is strong
Your heart is strong

(What were we doing?
I should have not done nothing.
One more time.)


from demo​(​rough mix), track released February 27, 2012



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blue friend 東京都, Japan

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